Safe, reliable burner and boiler operation

You and the people who use your building depend on it every day.
Problem is, there's pressure to stretch budgets.  Some people choose rebuilt controls because they cost less than 
new controls from the original manufacturer.
But if you're using rebuilt burner-boiler controls, you may be taking risks.  Get the facts about rebuilt controls.  And find our why specifying new controls is a sound business strategy that can save you time, money and worry.
FACT: Rebuilt controls rarely meet industry Standards.
FACT: Honeywell has not authorized any independent facility to repair or rebuild Honeywell controls.
New burner-boiler controls must pass rigorous safety and operational tests to receive important industry certification, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval.  Many states and provinces have adopted their own, additional codes such as CSD-1, issued by The American society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).  But These entities are not willing to approve rebuilt controls; they are not willint to take the risk.

Are you?
      A recently updated Factory Mutual standard allows independent rebuilding or repair of controls with the requirement to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

     But take note: Honeywell has not authorized any independent facility to repair or rebuild Honeywell burner-boiler controls.  As such, there are no rebuilt burner-boiler controls authorized by Honeywell.  The upshot: No rebuilt Honeywell burner-boiler controls are certified by any nationally recognized testing agency. 

For the safety assurance that comes with testing and 
certification, choose new burner-boiler controls.
      For safety's sake, choose new burner-boiler controls.
FACT: You could be responsible for the loss when a rebuilt control breaks down.
      FACT: Rebuilt controls don't incorporate new code requirements or design specifications.
Most insurance companies offer liability coverage only when the controls used are approved by nationally recognized testing agency, such as UL.  But rebuilt controls don't undergo the testing required for these approvals,  Nor will over half the states and several provinces provide CSD-1 acceptance for rebuilt controls.

     Without insurance protection, you could be held responsible for a substantial loss if a component fails and causes a burner-boiler breakdown.

Rebuilt controls reflect only the requirements and specifications as of their original date of manufacture.  Independent rebuilders can't repair old components to meet Honeywell's current specifications.  nor has Honeywell authorized any independent facility to repair or rebuild its controls.  And we know of no rebuilders who use the newest, safety-tested microprocessor technology.
To minimizse risk and liability, choose new burner-boiler controls. For optimum performance and reliability, choose new burner-boiler controls.
FACT: Rebuilt controls don't offer OEM warranty Protection or any guarantee of performance.
When you purchase a rebuilt control, it could have 5,000 hours of cycle time behind it - or 500,000!  You have no guarantee of quality or warranty of performance.

  The fact is, a rebuilt control is simply any control that's been cleaned or repaired in preperation for resale.  One contact may have been cleaned or a single component replaced.  The vital components could be 12 or 15 years old with extensive wear.  

  With a rebuilt control, you may:

  • need to replace the control twice within a short time.
  • Face a boiler breakdown, costly mechanical repairs and damage to your entire building control system.

With a new control, you can count on quality manufacturing and many years of reliable operation.  Plus, you get the assurance of the manufacturer's original warranty protection.

For reliable performance and an OEM factory warranty, choose new burner-boiler controls.
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